New Late H1 CDI Units "A" and "B" Combined into one Box 
for 1974-1976 Kawasaki H1E, H1F, KH500
Price: $149 each, 5 year warranty


  • Newly manufactured direct replacement for original Late H1 CDI ignition units
  • Combines both CDI unit ("A" box) and filter unit ("B" box) into one unit
  • Made in the U.S. by and for Triple owners
  • Similar electrical design to original CDI boxes, but with reliability improvements
  • Component ratings equal to or higher than originals
  • Housings hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel
  • Maintains original advance curve
  • Five year warranty
This is a newly manufactured OEM style CDI box, made to replace both stock units in late model Kawasaki H1 motorcycles, including the H1E, H1F, and KH500, made from 1974 to 1976. Internally, it is a modern copy of the original units, with similar electrical circuits, and components equivalent or superior to the originals. The main capacitor is rated 2.2 uF, which is the same as originally installed, and the correct rating for this ignition system.  The main electronic component, the Thyristor (SCR), is rated at 8 Amps, much more robust than the original 3 Amp device.  The diodes in the rectifier section are rated to withstand twice the current and more than double the voltage the originals could handle.  The housing is hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel, beautifully finished with a brushed appearance, and designed to fit perfectly on the original mounting plate. The circuit is sealed in high quality epoxy potting compound for protection from moisture and vibration.

Kawasaki designed the late H1 ignition system with two separate units, a main CDI ("A") unit, and a separate, smaller filter ("B") unit.  The filter unit is quite simple, with little to fail, but constructing a complete stainless steel "B" housing and adding the electronics is time consuming, and hence not inexpensive.  We decided to make this all-in-1 unit available, which combines both boxes into one, as an economical alternative to buying both original type boxes.  Combining them in no way compromises performance.  The single combination unit is electrically identical to two separate units.  

This CDI unit works like both of the original units in every way, including the advance curve.  It produces fat, bright blue sparks at modest kicking speeds, like the originals did when new. 

We will repair or replace this unit, or refund the purchase price (at our option), if it fails to perform properly as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, within five years of the date of purchase.
Please Note that the wire lengths are different for the 1974/1975 H1E/F versus the 1976 KH500.  The table below shows the standard wire lengths for those models.  Please tell us if this unit is for an H1E/H1F, or a KH500.

H1E, H1F KH500
black&white, orange,brown 10" 6"
white, red&white 10" 10"
black (ground) 7" 9"

Also please note that we don't have the original style molded rubber 2-pin connector that mates with the alternator's connector.  We will attach separate bullet connectors that properly mate with the alternator connector without modification.


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