Rebuilding service for ignition units 
for 1974-1976 Kawasaki H1E, H1F, KH500

$69 CDI (A) unit
$39 filter (B) unit 
$99 set of two units (one A, one B)
$79 All-In-1 unit (Circuits for A and B units in original A box)

5 year warranty

  • Complete replacement of internal circuitry for late H1 ignition units
  • Work performed in the U.S. by and for Triple owners
  • Similar electrical design to original units, but with modern components
  • Component ratings equal to or higher than originals
  • Original housings used, removal of original contents by purchaser
  • CDI units maintain original advance curve
  • Five year warranty
Want to keep your ignition system absolutely stock looking, or just save some money?  Our new stainless steel Stockboxes will look great for decades, but if you prefer, we can put new parts in your old original housings for a lot less than the price of our new stockboxes, if you remove the old parts and potting compound.  It's not easy, but with a heat gun and a small screwdriver, you can dig out the old contents (We wear leather welding gloves to hold the box, and use caution to keep the screwdriver blade in the potting compound and not our hands).  Next, prepare the finish as you want it to be.  Bead blast it, prepare it for painting, send it out for plating, leave it as-is, whatever you want.   Then send it to us, and we'll put new parts in it and return it to you ready to go, with the same specifications as our new stainless steel units.


1. You must remove the old contents from the ignition unit housing(s) before sending here for rebuilding, (see above)

2. Clip off the wires flush with the 7-hole (and/or 2-hole) grommet, and send them along with the empty housing.  We will then be able to copy your wire lengths and sleeving to match the style you have (it varied). 

3. Send the 7-hole
(and/or 2-hole) grommet, and we will reuse it and the 2-pin rubber connector shell, installing new contacts, and your set will look like new (minus the yellow wire that went to the "B" unit if you're getting both circuits built into one housing).

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