New CDI Ignition Unit for the KH400 Triple
Price: $299 each, 5 year warranty


  • Newly manufactured direct replacement for the original KH400 CDI ignition unit

  • Made in the U.S. by and for Triple owners
  • Similar electrical design to original CDI boxes, but with reliability improvements
  • Component ratings higher than originals
  • Housings hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel
  • Maintains original advance curve
  • Five year warranty
This is a newly manufactured OEM style CDI box, made to replace a stock unit in any Kawasaki KH400 motorcycle.  Internally, it is a modern copy of an original unit, with the same electrical circuit, and components superior to the originals. The main capacitors are rated 2.2 uF, which is the same as in the original Kawasaki unit, and the correct rating for this system.  The main electronic components, the Thyristors(SCRs), are rated at 8 Amps, much more robust than the original 3 Amp devices.  The housing is hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel, beautifully finished with a brushed appearance, and designed to fit perfectly in the original location. The circuit is sealed in high quality epoxy potting compound for protection from moisture and vibration.

This CDI unit works like the original in every way, including the advance curve.  It produces fat, bright blue sparks at modest kicking speeds, like the original CDI unit did when new. 
We will repair or replace this unit, or refund the purchase price (at our option), if it fails to perform properly as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, within five years of the date of purchase.
Wire lengths of our new KH400 ignition unit are the same as those of the original.  We can supply different lengths if desired, with just a few days for custom assembly.  We leave the plastic shell off the six blade connector to the alternator, so that the cable can be routed without removal of the stock air box.  A new plastic shell is provided for re-assembly.

Please note that the connectors to the three coils are new individual bullet connectors, rather than the original rubber 2-contact connector.  They mate with the coil connectors properly without modification.  If your original CDI unit failed, you can cut off the three 2-pin connectors and send them here, and we will install new contacts and use them on the new unit.



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