New Ignition Rectifier and CDI Set
for 1972-1975 Kawasaki H2 and 1973 H1D
Price: $399 per set, 5 year warranty (3 CDI units and 1 rectifier unit)

Stockboxes Set 1
Mounting plate from H1D shown, but not included

  • Newly manufactured direct replacement for original H2 ignition units
  • Made in the U.S. by and for Triple owners
  • Similar electrical design to original units, but with reliability improvements
  • Component ratings equal to or higher than originals
  • Housings hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel
  • Maintains original advance curve
  • Five year warranty

This is a set of newly manufactured OEM style ignition units, made to replace stock units in all Kawasaki H2 and 1973 Kawasaki H1D motorcycles. Internally, they are modern copies of the original units, with similar electrical circuits, and components equivalent or superior to the originals.  The CDI units have 3 uF main capacitors, which are the same as originally installed in 1972 boxes*.  Their main electronic component, the Thyristor (SCR), is rated at 8 Amps, much more robust than the original 3 Amp device.  The diodes in the rectifier unit are rated to withstand twice the current and more than double the voltage the originals could handle.  The housings are hand fabricated from heavy gage 304 stainless steel, beautifully finished with a brushed appearance, and designed to fit perfectly on the original mounting plate. The circuits are sealed in high quality epoxy potting compound for protection from moisture and vibration.

This ignition unit set works like the original units in every way, and produces fat, bright blue sparks at modest kicking speeds, like the originals did when they were new.  We will repair or replace units in this set, or refund the purchase price (at our option), if they fail to perform properly as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, within five years of the date of purchase.

Note that the wires  have lengths matching the original 1972 boxes, and are as follows, measured from potting compound to tip of connector: Rectifier box:  White, Blue, and Green bundle-7", Black w/ White band (Ignition Sw)-5", three Green to CDI boxes-one 4.5" and two 5.5", Black (gnd)-4.5".  CDI Boxes: 
Red-8", White-10", Green-4", Black-3".  Later H2s may have some wires slightly shorter, and these units will work fine as replacements. The 1973 H1D has boxes with longer wires. If purchasing for an H1, check your installation. We can supply boxes with longer leads if required, with a few extra days for custom assembly.

Also note that the rectifier box's original three contact rubber connector which mated to the three contact connector from the alternator is unavailable at this time.  The rectifier unit has three separate bullet connectors on color coded wires, which mate to the original alternator connector properly, and require no modification.

* There is some confusion on the net, relative to the value of the original capacitor. Some sources refer to the original capacitor as a 2.35 uF unit. This probably comes from a schematic diagram shown on a Kawasaki triples resource page, which shows two 4.7 uF capacitors in series to achieve a satisfactory voltage rating, resulting in a total capacitance of 2.35 uF. Actual disassembly of an original 1972 H2 CDI box at our facility revealed a single capacitor rated at 3uF, 600V. This is the rating of the capacitor in our new unit. We haven't disassembled old CDI boxes from all model years, so it's possible that later boxes had inferior capacitors, but it's unlikely that any original boxes had capacitors with higher ratings than our replacements.

Stockboxes Set 2

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